Gavin Thomas, Martial Arts Instructor

Krav Maga near Wayne

Gavin Thomas

PMA Experience:

8 years


2nd Degree Black Belt

Personal Interests:

Graphic design and cooking


I was born in Indiana and moved to Pennsylvania when I was eight years old. I started taking martial arts classes when I was ten, and continued for eight years. I received my 1st degree black belt at fourteen, and my 2nd degree at seventeen. I started teaching classes at eighteen before leaving for college. I have returned and am eager to continue teaching and furthering my own training.

How Martial Arts effected my life:

Before I started martial arts I was very shy. I was always reluctant to try new things and as a result I had pretty low self-confidence. Martial arts gave me a way to grow and develop, and showed me that with some hard work I could achieve whatever I wanted. I have become much more confident as a result of my martial arts experience.

My favorites:

  • Food: Chili
  • Color: Green
  • Animal: Polar Bear
  • Number: 9

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